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Since we have had many side discussions about cultural and societal characteristics of Vietnam in the new world (and the role of new generation and communist party). Here is one critical and wise analyst under the view of a very famous Vietnamese novelist who has lived through the war and also the period after Soviet's collapse and who also has been granted Ho Chi Minh prize for his contribution to Vietnam's literature progress, who i loved reading his short stories about Vietnamese
people and culture. (NGUYEN KHAI).
After his death, there is one paper or short review that has never been published and will never be published i believe so.
Here is the link
enjoy reading, and we can have discussion if you want.

Nghe xem doc corner by trinhtrantrinhtran, 01 Aug 2008 18:08

This link shows how to change the ip adress so that you can download files from Rapidshare without waiting.

Link day anh Hai:
Anh can phai install phan mem theo yeu cau moix em duoc. Enjoy!

Re: Links de xem Euro online by Dau DenDau Den, 17 Jun 2008 18:54

Em co biet va su dung mot so tai lieu sau lien quan den C++

For C++ basics:
1- The C++ Programming Language (Bjarne Stroustrup- the father of C++ language)
2- C++ How to program (Harvey and Paul Deitel)- highly recommended.
3- Thinking in C++: Introduction to Standard C++ (Bruce Eckel) : highly recommended, Object-Oriented Programming and standard libraries.
4- STL for C++ Programmers (Leen Ammeraal): Standard Template Library (generalized data structures)
5- The Internet (google C++),, etc.

For Windows programming: Graphic User Interface (GUI) applications, Web development, System, Multimedia, Graphics, Automation and so on.
6- Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 21 days (David Chapman): ebook available- good book, highly recommended
7- Programming Windows with MFC (Jeff Prosise): my starting book for C++ programming in Windows.
8- MSDN (Microsoft Software Development Network)
9- Codeguru: an open forum for useful sample projects and source codes, no registration, no account required to download source codes.
10- Codeproject: an open forum useful sample projects and source codes, free account required.

For algorithm implementations:
11- Numerical Recipes 3rd Edition: The Art of Scientific Computing (a Fortran-equivalent version)
12- C/C++ Mathematical Algorithms for Scientists and Engineers (Programming Tools for Scientists & Engineers)- an useful book with C++ source codes (linear algebra, equation solvers, regression, and statistics)
13- Algorithms and Data Structures in C++ (Alan Parker)

For other stuffs (Linux/Unix, parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP), MATLAB/C++ interface, etc.): I usually do a google search for this.. :) (codeguru and codeproject are very helpful, too.)

Re: Books for C++ and Fortran by TrungTrung, 17 Jun 2008 16:27
  1. Introduction to FORTRAN 90 cua Larry Nyhoff & Sanford Leestma: Em co ban photocopy cua cuon nay dem tu Vietnam sang.
  2. Fortran 90/95 for Scientists and Engineers cua S. J. Chapman (1st edition): cuon nay anh co the tim duoc tren mang bang gigapedia.
  3. Numerical Recipes in Fortran: downloadable at Cuon nay gom 2 volumes: volume 1 cho Fortran 77, va volume 2 cho Fortran 90; tac gia cuon sach dua ra code duoi dang subroutine/subfunction cho nhung cai numerical methods pho bien nhu la interpolation, finding eigenvalue, eigenvector cua matrix,… Moi chapter la mot .pdf file nen minh co the download ve duoc.

This is just a test!

Re: Links de xem Euro online by wikilamwikilam, 17 Jun 2008 03:29

Ca nha co ai co link xem Euro online, cho Hai xin nhe! Thanks. HD

Links de xem Euro online by LUNCHVIETNAMLUNCHVIETNAM, 17 Jun 2008 03:25

Trung Loc oi, Lam on post len sach tham khao cho C++ and Fortran nhe. Thank you.

Books for C++ and Fortran by LUNCHVIETNAMLUNCHVIETNAM, 17 Jun 2008 03:23
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