Soccer Field

The Vietnam soccer team meets every Saturday afternoon to play with international buddies from China, Malaysia, Turkey.. The truth is the Vietnam soccer team always WINs.. as long as the opponent is weak enough :).

(Photo courtesy of Trung Nguyen)

Team line-up: 3-2-2

  • Binh Vo (captain): goal-keeper and center defender
  • Trinh Tran: right-wing defender and midfielder
  • Hai Dinh: left-wing defender and striker
  • Loc Khieu: defender
  • Xuan Tran: defender
  • Thanh Do: defender
  • Chieu Vu: right-wing defender and midfielder
  • Nguyen Nguyen: left-wing midfielder and striker
  • Huy Vu: goal-keeper, midfielder and striker (the most flexible player, :) )
  • Lam Huynh: goal-keeper and center midfielder
  • Bao Nguyen: striker
  • Trung Nguyen: striker

Uniform: Vietnam national flag

(Photo courtesy of Lam Huynh)
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